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updated: 18. 10. 2012

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is a member of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality  Management), a European foundation based in Brussels that was founded in 1988 by 14 European companies with the support of the European Commission.

National prize

Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic has developed an understanding of the principles of EFQM Model. The leaders recognize the EFQM Model is as a practical management tool for selfassesment, which enables identify the Ministry’s strengths and improvement areas, permanently improvement with the goal of an effective performance and keeping the quality of the Ministry’s activities sustainable in all areas of its performance. 

The implementation process of the EFQM Model is providing by the EFQM team managed by the EFQM Coordination Committee lead by the Head of the Office.

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EFQM Team:                                                      efqm(at)mfsr.sk
Ľubomíra Šušolová, EFQM Representant          lubomira.susolova(at)mfsr.sk