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The World Bank (IBRD - the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) is an international financial institutions focused on development projects financing through loans and development assistance for public and private sectors in developing countries. The IBRD is owned by 189 member countries. Slovakia became its member in 1993.

Ministry of Finance on behalf of the Slovak Republic executes its shareholding rights resulting from its membership in the IBRD. Since 1993 until 2008 Slovakia borrowed funds and benefited from technical assistance relating to health care system modernisation, banking sector restructuring, public finance management reform, social benefits administration reform. In 2008 Slovakia graduated from the World Bank's operations and became donor of development assistance. The current effort of the Ministry of Finance is focused on better involvement of the Slovak private sector to development projects financed by the IBRD. Slovakia also regularly contributes resources through Ministry of Finance every three years to support responses to development challenges in the poorest countries in the global world.

The Governor for Slovakia in the Board of Governors, the highest decision-making body, is the Minister of Finance. The Vice Governor of the National Bank of Slovakia, was appointed as Alternate Governor. Slovakia is represented by the Executive Director in the Executive Board of the IBRD, the executive body, and belongs to the Belgian Constituency where Slovakia has its representative.

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