European Investment Bank - EIB

European Investment Bank - EIB

The European Investment Bank (EIB, is a financial institution of the European Union established in 1958 under the Treaty of Rome, signed in Rome on March 25, 1957. The EIB headquarters is in Luxembourg. The members of the EIB are the 28 Member States of the European Union, who have all subscribed to the EIB capital.


The main objective of the EIB is to contribute towards integration, balanced development, and economic and social cohesion of the Member States by financing sound investment projects. The EIB mission is to promote the objectives of the European Union by providing long-term financing for specific capital projects, while adhering to strict banking practices. It thereby contributes to building a more close-knit Europe, particularly in terms of economic integration, economic and social cohesion. The EIB works in close collaboration with the banking community when both borrowing in the capital markets and financing capital projects. Outside the European Union, the EIB financing operations are conducted mainly from the Bank’s own resources, but also, under a mandate, from the Union or Member States’ budgetary resources.


The EIB Group main operational document is the Corporate Operational Plan 2016 – 2018:


The EIB lending activity is divided into 5 main priorities:

· Cohesion and Convergence;

· Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

· Development of Trans-European Networks of transport and energy (TENs)

· Implementation of knowledge economy

· Sustainable, competitive and secure energy



EIB Governing Bodies

· The Board of Governors

· The Board of Directors

· The Management Committee

· The Audit Committee



The Slovak Republic and the EIB


On May 1, 2004 the Slovak Republic, together with 9 other countries, joined the European Union and became a shareholder of the EIB. EIB membership grants these ten new EU Member States full access to the Bank’s facilities on the same basis as the 15 then shareholders had before May 1, 2004.


In accordance with the EU policy, the EIB is assigned a key role in financing long-term investment projects in the Slovak Republic, mainly in infrastructure development, such as construction of highways and roads, financing of telecommunications projects, construction and modernization of rolling stock and telecommunications for national railways, investments in energy sector, and also energy saving schemes.


Loans provided for investment projects in Slovakia since 1992 amount to more than EUR 6.7 billion. Major projects co-financed by the EIB in this sector include the construction of Apollo Bridge over the Danube in Bratislava, upgrading of tracks, rolling stock and telecommunications for national railways, and construction and modernization of highways and roads.


The Governor for Slovakia in the Board of Governors is the Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic Mr. Peter Kažimír. Also, Mr. Ivan Lesay, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, was appointed as a Full Member of the Board of Directors.


The Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic is represented as a full voting member at the regular meetings of the Investment Facility Committee, set up under the Cotonou Agreement (ACP countries).



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